March, 2012

A New Revenue Stream For Tanning Salons

Most people love a healthy tan but with negative press surrounding the use of sunbeds, hotly followed by news that the fashion industry is banning catwalk models from using sunbeds, is putting additional stress on tanning salons all around the UK. There are however a rapid growing number of tanning salons now looking at complimentary services to keep clients  

i.Fit For Men?

It’s not just ladies that worry about their appearance… men do too! Men are however far more skeptical of beauty fads and fashions. Another miracle cream? Another wasted gym membership? Another short cut to failure? We recently had an enquiry from an ex-army man with severe issues with his knees, who since leaving the forces had gained  

Welcome to the World of i.Fit

Whether you are thinking about installing a single i.Fit in your tanning, beauty or hair salon, or opening a dedicated training studio, similar to our very own i.Fit Studios, read all about the benefits on this dedicated blog to all things i.Fit. We will also be inviting other businesses to submit their success stories –