i.Fit For Men?

It’s not just ladies that worry about their appearance… men do too! Men are however far more skeptical of beauty fads and fashions. Another miracle cream? Another wasted gym membership? Another short cut to failure?

We recently had an enquiry from an ex-army man with severe issues with his knees, who since leaving the forces had gained a some unwanted inches but was struggling to exercise until he had lost weight. He asked us how vibration training worked, questioning how people could lose weight so quickly. So we told him the facts and the basic routines to try.

And try he did! One of our team decided to email him today, to see how this extremely skeptical man was getting on – and this was the response:

The results are I must say Amazing I HAVE LOST 6.5 INCHES the first month and this month 7 inches like I said before too good to be true. The people who run my I FIT at rosehill industrial estate market drayton are excellent very helpfull and friendly. As I  said before my moobs were what I wanted to loose most and they are slowly going. My daughter and wife both go to and have also had significant inch loss. I am not bothered about weight loss just want to tone up so haven’t weighed myself before or after. Thanks again for your help in the past and not forgetting about me.

Wow! Well there is man who is not afraid to commit to losing unwanted inches with i.Fit – well done sir!